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School Fees for 2018-2019 for New Families

Junior Kindergarten $10, 100 per year
Senior Kindergarten $11, 300 per year
Grades 1 - 4 $15, 600 per year
Grades 5 - 9 $17, 300 per year*
Grades 10 - 12 $17, 900 per year**


*A limited number of scholarships remain for qualified candidates.  Please call 402-290-0767 and ask for Mrs. Dennis in the Business office.

For current DWA families, please refer to the Parent Login section for information regarding payment plans.

  • For families with more than one child, the siblings receive a 10% discount on the school fees.
  • School Fees include tuition fees, the graduated use of school technology/laptops, daytime field trips for all grades, physical education program and associated excursions, use of text books, and Graduation ceremonies tickets for immediate family members.
  • Miscellaneous costs are not included in school fees and are unique to each family.  They can include overnight school trips, Club Moo milk and Fun Lunch programs, personal school supplies, extra-curricular and athletic programs, uniforms and personal devices for high school students, among others.


New Family Membership Fee

A one-time payment of $4000 per family for membership in the Delta West Academy Society and DWA Foundation valid for any child of the immediate family regardless of the date of registration.  This includes voting rights at the Foundation's AGM.


Delta West Academy Foundation Event

The annual Charity Event tickets are $400 for two tickets. This invoice is due on August 1 and is sent out with the school fees invoice. Payment of the tickets is mandatory; it is expected that all families support the fundraising goals of the school for the greater benefit of the studentss learning experiences. Please make this amount payable to the Delta West Academy Foundation.


New Applicants

$4000 is due upon acceptance to DWA or the cumulative amount due according to the payment schedule dates if families register after February 1.


Payment Schedules

For new families, the following payment schedule applies.  For subsequent years, returning families have a variety of payment schedule options.

Enrollment before Feb. 1     Amount due

First Payment

$4000 per child

February 1

$2000 per child

April 1

$2000 per child

June 1

$2000 per child                                                    

August 1 Remainder of school fees


Enrollment after Feb.1 Amount due
February - April $6000 per child
April - June $8000 per child
June - August $10, 000 per child  
After August 1 Total fees


Students who enroll for the 2017-2018 school year after September 1st, 2017 will be required to pay their full tuition prior to their first day of school.

For outstanding accounts more than 30 days, interest 2% per month or 24% per annum is charged.


If a student withdraws for any reason before starting the school year or during the school year, including dismissal by the school, no tuition or fees, paid or due, are refunded or waived. This protects the school community from financial loss due to late withdrawals.



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