Boutique Options


Starting in Grade 4

Boutique Options are speciality courses - an innovative group of three courses specifically designed to allow students to explore a greater range of personal interests. Starting in Grade 4 to Grade 9, students choose between Sports Performance, Musical Artistry, and Media, Communication & Design.

Boutique Options are complementary to the students' regular courses within the daily timetable since DWA has extra hours in its program. This means that students are engaging in the Boutique Options within the regular school day, not before or after school. 

Sports Performance

Not to be confused with the regular Physical Education class, the Sport Performance option is an additional course where students can pursue their passion for sports and athletics.

The Sports Performance modules feature:

  •   non-traditional school sports; for example SCUBA diving
  •   dedicated off-campus sports venues
  •   trained sport-specific instructors
  •   intensive training sets
  •   sport nutrition focus
  •   mental fitness and training
  •   amateur & professional athletics speakers

Musical Artistry

Musical Artistry offers a greater focus on training with a variety of musical instruments, voice development and public performances for students interested in all things musical. 

The Musical Artistry modules feature:

  •  trained music & voice instructors
  •  extended instrumental training
  •  school assembly performances
  •  out-of-school public performances
  •  participation at the National Music Centre & the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
  •  participation at the Calgary Kiwanis Festival
  •  professional musical artist appearances

Media, Communication & Design

Media, Communication & Design (MCD) offer students the opportunity to explore and develop skills in traditional and web-based challenges on large-screen iMacs. Design elements and principles are a focus throughout the course.

Media, Communication & Design features:

  •  trained media & design instructors
  •  photography
  •  printmaking & textile art
  •  animation
  •  filmaking
  •  web & game programming
  •  professional web & media speakers

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