Culinary Arts


Cooking:  Culture through Chemistry

Cooking is a basic life skill...and one DWA believes every child should have an opportunity to learn.

Just as physical activity is important to the healthy body, healthy mind paradigm, so is good nutrition and the ability to prepare good food.  DWA has a four-station kitchen where students learn that cooking is really just culture through chemistry!


Grade 1 to Grade 9 Cooking

Cooking class is a favourite course because of its high relevance to everyday life but students are using nearly all of their academic skills as well:

  • reading
  • mathematics in measuring, fractions, multiplying/dividing and adding/subtracting
  • science concepts - the chemistry of cooking
  • creative problem solving
  • cooperative group work
  • following directions
  • comparing between different groups' recipe results
  • how cultures are expressed through food availability and food combinations
  • "tests" - which are a scaled version of Iron Chef with student and staff judges


High School Food Studies

Starting in Grade 10, Food Studies is an optional but credited course. It is highly sought after since it is the only one where you get to eat in class every!

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