Junior High Program: Grades 7 to 9


Thriving, Not Just Surviving

Teens don't need less attention, they need different attention.

Students still need interesting learning activities and assignments to reach a diverse population of learning styles, time for discussions and questions, natural movement shifts and most importantly, time for the teacher to spend with them individually in every class.  That is why our classes are capped at 12 students.  

Any learning, organizational or behavioural blips are also more quickly identified, communicated to parents and with the support of parents, set on a path to resolution.

The rigorous academic program of studies, based on the Alberta Education curriculum, in junior high includes the Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) in selected courses.

The schedule of courses and activities includes:

  • Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics as core academics
  • Physical Education and Drama taught by specialists
  • French & Spanish taught by language specialists
  • Regular field trips including national destinations
  • Community Outreach
  • Cooking class in a 4-station kitchen 
  • personally assigned latops
  • Boutique Options
  • Respect  & citizenship program

A new social milieu emerges in junior high. Transitioning from being children to young teens, they need a safe place to discover just who they can be and really are. They need to do more than just “survive” junior high; they should continue to thrive there.  At DWA, every student is known by every teacher, even ones who don't teach them and by every administrator. 

This network of connections creates a safer atmosphere which then translates into better academic performance - always the ultimate goal.

Thrive here