Missed our Open House?

Posted on October 23rd, 2017

You can book a tour and interview with our Admissions Director, Mrs. Dennis directly; call 403-290-0767, complete an inquiry form or an application form.

Find out why it's better at Delta West Academy.

No one else is like your child yet we all want the same kinds of things for our children...amazing opportunities in life and the heart to experience them.  So, we instill an “I can do that” attitude in all of our students.

Discover just how different a school experience can be. From happier students to real interactive learning to parent communication, it adds up to great academic advantages for your child every single day. Those advantages continue on into graduation and university. Could your child do more at school?  They could, at DWA. We can inspire your child to be a life-long achiever.

See for yourself what a DWA education could do for your child.


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