Superior PAT Results

Posted on November 6th, 2018

Delta West Academy students and staff have reason to be proud of themselves:  they achieved exemplary results in the June 2018 Achievement Tests.

Impressive Facts:

  • All of our Grade 6 and 9 students wrote the PAT’s; no one was exempted.
  • 100% of Gr. 6  and Gr. 9 students achieved the Acceptable Standard.
  • Standards of Excellence for both grades ranged between 33.3 % and 100%.
  • Grade 6 students, on average, scored 22.8% higher than their provincial peers and,
  • 28.4% higher on the Standard of Excellence.
  • Gr. 9 students, on average, scored 31% higher for the Acceptable Standard than their provincial peers and,
  • 39.5 % higher on the Standard of Excellence.

The trendline clearly shows that DWA achievement is consistently far higher than the overall provincial data, and for Gr. 9 it shows the widening divergence of our students’ superior capabilities.  The longer students are at DWA, the better the results. The cumulative impact of the DWA learning experience becomes obvious.

The media have reported that Alberta Education set the passing scores  for many courses this year below 50%.  For example, in Math 6 it is only 41%.   However, our Gr. 6 class average is 83.3%. The lowest marks are in the 70’s , which is more than 30% higher than the provincial passing mark.  The highest mark is a perfect score of 100%. 

DWA parents expect that DWA students will score higher than their provincial peers in public school. The questions then is how do we compare against other academic private schools?  DWA also has superior results.  There is only one other private school which can boast 100% Acceptable Standards for all of its Gr. 6 and Gr. 9 students.

These exceptional achievement scores directly reflect the excellence of the DWA program.  Small classes, knowledgeable and caring teachers, family engagement and curricular enrichment lead to outstanding results.

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