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    Students in Grades 3-6 had an amazing opportunity to learn Canoeing skills with the Outdoor Education department of the University of Calgary.  Students in our coveted Sports Performance class spent time in Bowness Park learning how to command a canoe through the pond and exploring their natural environment among the beautiful fall leaves. Does your

    We Are What School Should Be

    See what current DWA families have to say about their child(ren)’s school experience: “Our family feels so blessed to be a part of the Delta West Academy community. There are many wonderful things we love about the school, but I think one of the biggest draws for us are the small class sizes and the

    Bring Your Parent to School Day

    Bring your parent to school day is a coveted and unique event held only at Delta West Academy.  The educational landscape and experiences our children have today are very different from when their parents have attended school.  DWA parents have an amazing opportunity to join their child(ren) participating in classes and experiencing first-hand how Delta

    Truth & Reconciliation

    Grade 7 students explored the Colouring It Forward Reconciliation Society’s Truth and Reconciliation Indigenous Art Exhibit at South Centre Mall. Students spent time reflecting on various art designs, learning about the Indigenous artists who participated in the showcase and discovered ways non-Indigenous people can take to foster actions toward reconciliation. DWA faculty provides a variety

    Terry Fox Run

    All DWA students and staff will participate in the annual Terry Fox run on September 28 to raise money and awareness for The Terry Fox Foundation and Canadian Cancer research. Parents, grandparents and family members are welcome to join our school community in support of our iconic Canadian hero.   Go, Dragons!

    Open House September

    Join us Wednesday September 29 from 6pm-7:30pm for our Open House Event.  Registration will be limited to maintain AHS protocols for a safe, and informative social distancing Open House experience.  Mask will be mandatory for all guests and participants will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening survey prior to their arrival. RSVP today to confirm

    Camp Kindle

    Excitement is building as our Grade 6, 7, & 8 students are preparing for an Outdoor Education experience. Students will engage in outdoor survival skills, team building and environmental education activities. We are excited to bring back this amazing off campus opportunity for our students. Are you looking for a program that provides unique opportunities

    Proud of Our Pride

    We support the human rainbow in all its shades and colours.  Delta West Academy fosters inclusion in all forms. #dwapride #bridgelandyyc

    Prepare To Soar

    Last week our classrooms and hallways were filled with laughter.  The hustle and bustle of excited students and staff filled the air as we all returned to school! The 2021-2022 school year will not disappoint! Click here to contact our admissions office to register for a tour and learn more about our exceptional academic programing!

    2020-2021: That’s a wrap!

    The 2020-2021 school year will be one for the record books as students, parents and teachers navigated through a socially distant educational landscape this year. Nonetheless, our students had many amazing experiences while completing their full curriculum over the course of the year.   Virtual field trips, Elev8 Lacrosse Residency, a trip to Heritage Park, and


    June 21 marks National Indigenous People’s day in Canada.  Delta West Academy staff and students will participate in a variety of activities to recognize the culture and traditions of First Nations, Metis and Inuit of Canada.  Delta West Academy is committed to the process of reconciliation.

    Final Exams

    Teachers have completed all their curriculum objectives and preparations are now under way for review and final exams.  All students in Grades 1-12 participate in final exams. Learning how to study for any exam scenario is a life skill.  Whether it be a quiz, unit test, final exam or Government issued standardized test such as

    Health & Wellness Day

    The Alberta Government marked Thursday June 3 as Mental Wellness Day for Schools.  As a way for recognizing the resiliency of our DWA community during this unprecedented year, staff planned for students and faculty to participate in a water fight. With the help and support of our DWA Foundation, students were also able to enjoy

    Be Curious

    DWA is more than just a school, it’s the key to your child’s success! Where students are encouraged how to think, and not what to think.  Where curiosity can flourish! Book your personal tour today and discover the Delta West Academy difference.

    Grade 6 & 9 PATs

    Delta West Academy students are set to write their Provincial Achievement tests in Grades 6 & 9, while our Grade 3 students will complete their SLAs to compare their progress from earlier in the year. It’s quite simple.  DWA students excel in various academic components.  While many school divisions have opted out of writing Provincial

    Step-up to Grade 1

    This coveted, annual tradition is an exciting milestone for our Kindergarten students.  Having an opportunity to shadow and experience our Grade 1 program is a rite of passage for Senior Kindergarten students and allows our Grade 1 students to role model for their younger peers. Come and experience the excitement DWA can provide your child

    On-Line Learning

    With the mandated Government of Alberta shift to Scenario 3, on-line learning Delta West Academy’s exceptional programming will continue through our virtual platforms.  Regular class schedules will resume along with accompanying assignments, projects and evaluation criteria.  The on-line learning system through Delta West Academy is simply an alternative means of delivering our outstanding program.

    Think Outside the Box

    Delta West Academy is inspiring students to think critically and think outside of the box.  To solve problems in a manner that utilizes creativity, ingenuity and a little bit of grit.  We teach students how to think not what to think! These are real life skills that will continue to serve DWA students well beyond

    Soar Above

    Tired of your child(ren) being lost in the crowd?  Discover how your child can soar above the rest at Delta West Academy! Book a personal tour today and see first-hand the experience your child can have at DWA.

    Lacrosse Residency

    DWA is proud to host Elev8 Lacrosse trainers and coaches providing all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 specialized skill instruction for an entire week.  Thank you to the fundraising efforts of our DWA Foundation and parent community for making this unique experience possible for our students. > ELEV8 Lacrosse

    Earth Day Initiatives

    The DWA community will celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with various activities including a litterless lunch challenge.  Our Grade 4 students will spearhead the challenge directly linking their experiences to specific curriculum objectives.  This is just one of many ways DWA promotes real-life, and hands-on experiences to make learning more meaningful for children.

    New Technology

    Our 3-D Printer has arrived! DWA strives to evolve our programs and provide cutting edge experiences for our students through their everyday learning!

    DWA Mosaic

    Delta West Academy Recipe Book  In lieu of a Multicultural fair this year, DWA is compiling a recipe book with all the coveted cultural foods from within our community. DWA is very diverse and our community spirt is unwavering!  We look forward to learning and recreating delicious recipes from each other’s heritage.

    Spring has Sprung

    DWA students and families are enjoying a relaxing two week Spring Break from March 29-April 11. We look forward to all students returning to classes on April 12.

    Career Counselling

    DWA is proud to partner up, once again, with Calgary Career Counselling, a local organization who will work closely with all of our high school students throughout March. At DWA, we believe in connecting students to find their passion, and promote their strengths as they determine their path for the right faculty in Post-Secondary.  Our

    Reach New Heights

    At Delta West Academy, your child can reach new heights in their education. Students gain a strong sense of self-efficacy. Challenging problems are viewed as as tasks to be mastered with a development of critical thinking. Students are engaged with higher motivation. Students can recover quickly when setbacks are experienced. Stronger focus on effort of

    Report Cards

    It’s almost time for our second reporting period. It is an exciting time when report cards are issued at Delta West Academy!  This formal evaluation will never come as s surprise to DWA parents as teachers fully communicate student progress well in advance and on a regular basis.  Parent Teacher Interviews follow as soon report

    Our Class Size = Big Benefits

    10:1 Student Teacher Ratio = Mastery Learning Experiences Fewer students = more attention for each Experiential learning in all grades More discussion & engaged learning More questions answered More immediate teacher feedback Verbal & written encouragement Practice critical thinking Productive collaborative group work Give your child(ren) the best start to the 2021-2022 school year.  Inquire

    Anti-Bullying Week

    DWA proudly supports Anti-Bullying initiatives within our school community and promotes a safe, caring and welcoming environment for all students.  Although we recognize February 22 as a week of anti-bullying initiatives, including Pink Shirt Day, these philosophies resonate all year throughout our entire community. At Delta West Academy, we promote kindness, compassion and empathy.  Our

    100 Reasons

    Students and staff create hearts in celebration of 100 school days so far!  Each heart shares something we love about our amazing school community! Book a personal tour and found out all the reasons DWA can be amazing for your family! 

    School Spirit Day

    Next week is Pajama Day!  This annual tradition is always looked forward to among our entire school community.  What better way to dive into your learning for the day than in cozy PJs and slippers. Spirit days are an important part of the culture and community here at DWA.  Participation from students and staff is

    Graduate Spotlight

    “Delta West Academy is an exceptional school, which maintains a high stature as they enable their students to prosper.  For me personally, Delta West Academy has allowed me to showcase my true passion for academics as their small class size bring about competition and facilitate understanding of subject matter.  With a dream of becoming a

    Resiliency Workshop

    Students in Grades 3-6 are participating in a 6 week workshop helping to develop the following life long skills: Positive Self Talk & Problem Solving How to Handle Difficult Relationships Dealing with Strong Emotions Building Confidence and Self Esteem Identifying and Expressing Feelings Addressing Negative Thoughts Relaxation and Mindfulness DWA continues to support students and

    Welcome 2021

    We are excited for the new calendar year and are looking forward to all the opportunities 2021 will have for our DWA school community. Scenario 3, at home learning, will continue for all students January 4-8 as directed by Alberta Education and the Alberta Government. We cannot wait to have our DWA Dragons return for

    Calgary Food Bank

    Our school community raised $1800 in December for the local charity- The Calgary Food Bank.  Our DWA community always pulls together to show support for those in need throughout the school year, but especially during the season of giving.  We take pride in helping our students understand the importance of giving back to local charitable

    Mad Science

    Mad Science was back at Delta West Academy last week!  This on-site and in-class field trip experience will provide students safe hands-on science workshops varying from forensics, creating slime to zipline building.  Each workshop meets curricular expectations and out comes for Kindergarten through Grade 6.

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