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Delta West Academy Society

The DWA Board of Directors is comprised of parents, both of past and present students, staff representatives and interested citizens dedicated to the longevity, prosperity and continued excellence of the Delta West Academy experience for our families.  DWA is a member of the Association of Indepenedent Schools and Colleges of Alberta (AISCA).

Board of Directors 2018

Ms. Nerissa Bhola, Alumni ('04), Market Operator, NGX

Mrs. Denise Dutchuk-Smith, Head of School, Delta West Academy

Mr. Mark Groch, ADT Security

Mr. Peter Lijnse, Past President, Service Management Art      

Mrs. Jennifer Rees, Crown Prosecutor, Technology & Internet Crime

Mr. Toby Redfern, President, Red River Valley Real Estate                                                                                                                                                            

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School Staff

Administration Office                                                                                                                                                                


   Mrs. Dutchuk-Smith, D. Head of School B.A. (‘88), B.Ed. (‘91)

   Co-founder; since 1993




   Mrs. Tiltmann, C. Principal B.Ed. (‘87)

   Co-founder; since 1993




    Ms. Forsch, A. Vice Principal B. F. A. ('95), B. Ed. ('01)

   - since 2001                                                                                                                       




   Mrs. Dennis, A. Director of Admissions, B. Ed. ('01) B. PE ('01)

     - since 2001    




   Ms. Henwood, T. Office Administrator

   -since 2008



Teaching Staff


   Mr. Bhagria, A. Humanities B.A. ('17). B. Ed. ('17)

      - since 2017                 




   Mrs. Briceño Rivas, D. Spanish, B. Ed. ('94)

   - 2005-2007, 2017




   Ms. Dupuis, M. Phys. Ed., B.A. ('11), B.Ed. ('12) M. PE ('16)

   - since 2014




   Mrs. Forrester, J. Science & Math, B.Sc. ('08), B.Ed. ('10) 

   - since 2010




   Ms. Forsch, A. Drama & Humanities, B.F.A. ('95), B.Ed. ('01)

   - since 2001




   Ms. Osz, H. Humanities & ECS, B. A. ('17), B. Ed. ('17)

    - since 2017




   Mrs. Morrison, J. Humanities, B.A. ('04), B.Ed. ('04)

   - since 2007                                                                                                                                                                                                             




   Ms. Sparling, G. Math & Sciences, B. Sc. ('13), B. Ed ('14)

   - since 2015




  Ms. Towill, J. Kindergarten & Music, B. A. ('15), B. Ed. ('17)

    - since 2017

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