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  • Elementary Program: Grades 1 to 6

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    Delta West Academy strongly believes that small classes are vital at every grade, and critical at the elementary level. Students are learning the skills of how to think and learn, especially in the first 3 grades, and teachers need to be available to them throughout their daily learning journey.

    The classes allow for a variety of activities to reach diverse learning styles, natural movement shifts, lively discussion, and most importantly, ample opportunity for the teacher to interact with and dedicate some time to each child. Therefore, any learning, organizational or behavioural blips are more quickly identified, communicated to parents and with the support of parents at home, set on a path to resolution.

    DWA’s strong foundational academic program, based on the Alberta Education curriculum, is complemented by additional courses and experiences. Every subject includes problem-solving and creative projects, field trips, presentations, small group and individual work.


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      Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science as core academics
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      Physical Education taught by PE specialists
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      Drama & Music as a dedicated courses
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      French & Spanish taught by language specialists
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      Regular field trips in the city & provincially
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      Cooking class in a 4-station kitchen
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      Handwriting Without Tears printing & handwriting program
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      iPads in Grades 1 & 2
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      Personally assigned laptops starting in Grade 3
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      Boutique Options starting in Grade 4
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      Bucket Filler social responsibility respect program

    The school learning experience is further strengthened as the students begin regular homework routines supported by parents, develop study habits and test taking skills, and work with a variety of teachers starting in Grade 1. By the end of Grade 6, the transition to junior high can be smooth and seamless both in terms of academic work ethic and social interaction.

    Ultimately, DWA’s belief in the exceptional benefits of small classes in a small school means that students are truly self-confident, less stressed, happier and achieve more.

    Before and After School Care is available for elementary-aged students.

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